Walking Tours

Jones Park

Jones Park Bench

Jones Park created in 1908 once had a beach, lagoon and open air swimming pool and  bath houses that was used by  the citizens of East St. Louis, Illinois.  Jones Park open in 1914 to the public hosting a class reunion picnic where the patrons could boat and canoe, and their children played  in the playground . On the fouth of July thousands of people would gather for the fireworks and fun. Today Jones Park is a place where the citizens fish, go to the water park and celebrate family and class reunions.



Emerson Park


Parts of Emerson Park are new. Emerson park was probably catholic back in the day. Emerson park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in East St. Louis. It was in deep decline until recently when many new building projects brought new life into the area.


Jackie Joyner Kersee Youth Center

This picture represent Jackie joyner kersee and the people who supported her

This segment of the walking tour covered the Jackie Joyner Kersee Youth Center. The center features sports programs, music programs, a workout facility, dance programs, charity events, a community garden, and more. The center is named for Jackie Joyner-Kersee, who was an Olympic Gold metalist in track and field who was born in East St. Louis and became an advocate for children after her Olympic career. The mission of the center is "to provide youth, adults, and families with the resources to improve their quality of life and enhance communities globally, with special attention directed to Greater, East St. Louis, Illinois," according to their website. 


Frank Holten Park

This is the walking tour of Frank Holten Park.Frank Holten Park is also a landmark of East Sant Louis.Many people still go to Frank Holten Park for golfing or family occasions.It also have a golfing club next to the lighthoue.


Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park

Picture of the Arch from Martin Park

Malcolm W.Martin Memorial Park opened on May 27, 1995. On June 7, 2005, Gateway Center of Metropolitan St.Louis transferred title of the Gateway Geyser and the 34.1 acres of grounds, known as the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park, to the Metro East Park and Recreation District.


The Park's Namesake

Malcolm W. Martin was a prominent lawyer and civic figure in St. Louis. He made it his life's mission to save the East St. Louis riverfront and extend the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Martin was born in 1912 in St. Louis and graduated from Yale University in 1933 and St. Louis City College of Law in 1941. Martin served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Malcolm W. Martin died in 2004 after donating over $5 million to the Gateway Center of Metropolotan St. Louis to continue his mission.