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This Documentary has interviews with Loran Parks and Dr. Andrew Theising. These interviews tell us information about Miles Davis and his home.

This vlog is about education in Estl. It tells you about how the school district 189 and the success of it and also a lot of information.

This a football player that play for East Side Senior High-School

A Documentary of The Food Development Of East St Louis

A ride around town with images and B-role shots of the city's #1 high school and exclusive interviews with residents of the city.

miles trumpet.jpg
In this picture you can see mile s playing in what it seems like a city.

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This is an interview with a woman named Laverne Backstorm about Kathrine Dunham and her music experience.

Picture of James Calling someone out

This is Jackie Joyner Kersee that ran track in East Saint Louis.

A picture of Bryan Cox signing autographs
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